Our Story

Just like you, we do this because we have a passion for getting out there, discovering new places and enjoying nature’s playground. We fell in love with rooftop tenting after experiencing it firsthand and seeing not only how easy and seamless it was, but how much fun we had on our trips.

Rooftop tents are more than a comfy place to sleep. They provide access to new adventures and experiences and no-matter where you go you’ll always have your home with you!

SMRT Tent was created in 2017 by our Canadian brother Cody. Driven by a passion for adventure and the outdoors Cody has been developing and testing these tents through all seasons in the harsh Canadian wilderness. This translates to a perfect fit for the NZ environment, so we've decided to make these products available right here for our fellow kiwi adventurers!

With plenty of soft shell roof top tent options out there these days, we made the choice to focus solely on hard shell options in our tent range. Here's a few reasons why we love these tents!

Simplicity. Release the latches at the rear of the tent and let the gas struts do the rest. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

Speed. Your time in the outdoors is precious. Time at your campsite should be spent relaxing or connecting with family and friends, not wasted setting up your tent! Our tents are amongst the fastest available. You'll be especially grateful for this feature after those long drive days, setting up in the dark or when you get caught in that unpredictable Aotearoa weather!

Durability. All our tents are encased in a great looking, durable, low profile shell. Choose from aluminium or ABS plastic, but whichever you choose you can look forward to years of trouble free use.

Versatility. Finally there is an option to use roof racks on top of your roof tent! YES! We've personally been using soft shell tents for our NZ adventures since 2015. Whilst we've loved our experiences with this type of tent, we've always wished for a few features a soft shell tent cannot provide. Roof carrying capacity being right at the top of that list. Now with our 'Summit Suite' you have the option to add roof rack cross bars to claim some of your roof space back! We also have a direct mounting solution for your awning, along with the ability to direct mount your solar panels.

Fuel Efficiency. Our tents are significantly lower in profile when compared to traditional roof top tents. The 'Summit Suite' is only 17cm tall when packed up. This helps with fuel efficiency and wind noise, looks great, and in many cases your vehicle will still fit in your garage with the tent mounted on the roof!

We are stoked to now be able to offer these products right here in New Zealand.

SMRT Tent NZ is distributed by a local team based out of New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown.

Keep an eye out for us! We’ll be out getting lost somewhere in the mountains by day and drinking beer and talking rubbish with mates by night.

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NZ distribution: Yellow Mountain Ltd dan@yellowmountain.co.nz